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New Downtown Mesquite Farmers Market Announced

A new farmer and artisan market concept is coming to Downtown Mesquite in June.

The Downtown Mesquite Farmers Market will begin weekly markets on Saturday, June 12 at Front Street Station. The market, which will operate through November, will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We are so happy to bring this new market to the historic heart of Mesquite,” said City of Mesquite Downtown Development Manager Beverly Abell. “We think the public will love this market, which will emphasize truly local, in-season produce along with authentic artisan goods.”

Lively Local Markets was selected as the market organizer through a process that included solicitation of proposals, interviews, and more. Harley Barnes, the owner of Lively Local Markets, recently signed a contract to create and manage the event.

“Lively Local Markets is beyond excited to launch this new farmers market with Downtown Mesquite,” said owner Harles Barnes. “There is a lot of buzz already in the community behind this event, and we look forward to working with and showcasing all the talented local farmers and artisans at the market.”

The grand opening event will feature live entertainment, giveaways, produce and artisan goods, and more. The public is invited to come to the market early to receive a free Downtown Mesquite Farmers Market tote bag, which will be given to the first 100 in attendance.

“We have lots of great live music, entertainment, and workshops planned for the market,” Barnes said. “Our goal is to be more than just a place where you come to buy your food then leave, but a place to bring the family and spend a couple of hours hanging out with your neighbors. The Front Street Station venue is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the market. I haven't seen anything like it before, but it should be a model for other cities,” he added.

Lively Local Markets is currently reviewing market vendor applications. Those interested in selling produce or artisan goods may visit the market website, https://www.downtownmesquitefarmersmarket.com/, to apply online.

The new farmers market will be truly local, which means the amount and type of produce available at any given time will vary with the seasons, Abell said.

“There may be weeks where the artisans out-number the produce booths and vice versa, depending on the weather, crop production and other factors,” she said, noting “But we think the varying availabilities are worth it in order to keep the products truly fresh and truly local.”

Barnes said he also hopes to have specialty food products, food trucks and more at the market.

Visitors can expect special events surrounding the market in coming weeks. For instance, an expanded Christmas market is being planned for the holiday season.

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