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Home > Blog > Painting the State One Courthouse At A Time: A Mesquite Artist's Journey

Painting the State One Courthouse At A Time: A Mesquite Artist's Journey

A Watercolored Road Trip

Local Mesquite Artist Tony Delane is on a mission: to draw and paint every courthouse in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. The 55-year old artist dabbles in a little bit of everything — from comic book characters, creature concepts, still-life drawings, and more. Lately, he has been more focused on Texas courthouses. Delane's watercolor creations are part of the job, literally. As a truck driver, he has traveled all throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In an interview with Texas Highways, Delane stated that ultimately he would like to visit all 254 Texas courthouses and do pieces on them. After he finishes, he plans to put together a book featuring all of his illustrations.

"Right now, I am at 19 or 20. I’ve got a long way to go to get to 254. Of course, I am not going to be able to visit all of them because I won’t be able to get out that far, but I will use photo references for some." Delane says "It’s gonna take a long time to do all of them, especially with my work schedule, but my wife just tells me when I get all stressed, just do one when you can."

See more of his work on his Facebook
Tony Delane frequently posts his art on his Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you are interested in buying any of his work you can find it on Etsy. He also has a piece that is hanging up Mesquite BBQ if you want to look at some art while grabbing a bite to eat.
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