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Texas Lifestyle and Travel Magazine Spotlights Mesquite Event

Mark Your Calendars

With the 4th Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival right around the corner, people are getting their lures and rods ready to go. Everyone is talking about it, including Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine!

Every year enthusiasts from all across the country gather together to take part in the sport, and year is no different. On Feb. 27-28, 2021 at the Mesquite Convention Center, attendees can meet nationally known fly fishing experts, take classes on how to properly cast, and try some of Texas’ best micro-brewed beer.

“Most folks have no idea of the tremendous fly fishing opportunities we have right here in Texas,” says Jerry Hamon, veteran fly angler and owner of River Crossing Fly Fishing School & Guide Service. “When folks think of fly fishing, they tend to think trout. We do have good trout fishing in the Guadalupe River, but I fish primarily for bass – and they can be found all over Texas.”

It’s not only enthusiasts, but people of all skillsets come to learn the ways of the fly angler. Not only is fly fishing great exercise, but it can also be fun! It takes practice, but with enough time you’ll be casting like a pro. Of course, you can always take a casting class from one of the many gurus at the event.

Madison Scarborough of the Tailwaters Fly Fishing Co. believes that “fly fishing isn’t about strength or catching as many fish as you can. It’s really about proper technique and enjoying the moment and connecting with the outdoors. I find it very relaxing and a great way to make new friends—friends you fish with. How cool is that?”

The 4th Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival will host over 60 vendors: shops, guides, manufacturers, and brewers are a few of the activities you'll enjoy. You can register for the event here or check out their website. For great deals on hotels and lodging for the weekend click here.

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