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Discover the Mesquite Heritage Trail

The Mesquite Heritage Trail is the kind of place that makes you want to take your bike out for a leisurely ride. Starting at the intersection of Town Centre Drive and Franklin Drive and ending near the Greenbelt Parkway, the trail consists of three trailheads that provide a great way to grab some exercise and fresh air.

The Mesquite Heritage Trail officially opened in 2015 and is Mesquite's largest recreational facility. It consists of 4.25 miles of concrete trails and sidewalks, three trailheads, major intersection enhancements, and one pedestrian bridge. The three trailheads are Americana Trailhead (Americana Lane just northeast of Chisolm Trail) Dunford Trailhead (the north corner of Galloway Avenue and Green Canyon Drive) and Palos Verdes Trailhead (on Northwest Drive just west of Los Lomas Drive).

Ready for a bike ride or run? You'll find that meandering through trees and past water features is the perfect scenic way to explore the town and get your steps and miles in. Start the trail and follow it to just west of the Greenbelt Parkway. Along the way, you'll hit Palos Verdes Park, where you can take a moment to admire the lake.

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