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5 Ways to Experience Mesquite's Amazing Art Scene

Written by wpdev March 5, 2024
Symphony orchestra in a large auditorium.

Delight in the harmonies of violins, flutes, and French horns, or listen to prominent touring bands at a first-rate arena. Get a close-up look at awe-inspiring murals or explore an art gallery full of works of outstanding local artists. Set just 15 minutes east of Downtown Dallas, Mesquite is well known as the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas. Yet its remarkable arts scene is just as noteworthy, and it’s a must whether you’re into the performing or visual arts (or both) as it’s home to some of the best exhibits and concerts the Dallas-Fort Worth area has to offer. See a few of the best ways you can experience art in Mesquite below, then plan your visit here.


Vivid, eye-catching, and sometimes whimsical, each of Mesquite’s brand-new murals inspires a sense of wonder. Found at Front Street Station, these eight 7-by-10-foot works of art were chosen among 40 submissions by amateur and professional artists, as well as students. The result has transformed the area into a sprawling outdoor gallery that you’ll want to take your time exploring.

If you do, you’ll encounter murals like When Joy Breaks Through the Cracks by Paige Lehmann, an abstract painting with distinct patterns of yellow, green, blue, and purple appearing as if they’re bursting through a white background. Meanwhile, Leandro Castillo’s La Serenata is an eccentric representation of Mesquite’s culture right down to the cattle that have made the city the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas. Finally, Anaya Harmony by Susie Cortez is a colorful portrait of the daughter of one of the artist’s friends meant to capture the girl’s bold transition into becoming a singer.

These are just three of Front Street Station’s murals, each with its own story to tell. Take it all in, then head to Fire Station No. 4 to see First In, a stunning 12-by-12-foot glass mosaic piece by Dallas artist Julie Richey. While these public works of art are well worth the trip here already, you’re just getting started exploring Mesquite’s arts scene.


The swells of violins and cellos and the bright melodies of flutes and clarinets embrace you from your seat in an intimate concert hall. As alluring as the acoustics are, you are not at a performance by a big-city symphony orchestra. Instead, you’re relishing a night out at a concert by the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra (MSO), one of the few all-volunteer groups in the Dallas and Fort Worth area that has a composer in residence. The MSO’s season starts in early September and runs through the end of May, with all its shows held at the Mesquite Arts Center.
For more live music, don’t miss a performance by the Mesquite Community Band. Composed of local musicians from high school through retirement age, the troupe typically performs at the Mesquite Arts Center. It also puts on spring, fall, and Christmas concerts, as well as Music in the Park, a summer live music series that’s been part of the local arts scene for more than 30 years.

Live music is a huge part of Mesquite’s arts scene, and the best way to appreciate it is to come and discover it for yourself.

Symphony orchestra in a large auditorium.


Colorful abstract paintings, awe-inspiring illustrations, and other magnificent works of art are always on display at the Mesquite Arts Center. If you’re a fan of the visual arts, this is just the place for you. The arts center showcases the significant talents of artists from Mesquite and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area in exhibitions that rotate throughout the year. Since exhibits routinely change, no two visits to the Mesquite Arts Center are the same. To see the arts center’s current or future showings, click here.


From concerts by big-name performers to intimate shows by local bands, Mesquite’s live music scene has it all. Hear some of the best musicians from around North Texas do their thing during the Mesquite Art Center’s Courtyard Concert Series. Held from spring to early Summer, these free shows feature everything from indie rock groups to tribute bands. You can also listen to some of the area’s finest while you sip on a cold brew coffee and browse the array of handmade and craft goods at the Downtown Mesquite Farmers Market, a Saturday community get-together set at Front Street Station. Of course, no conversation about Mesquite’s live music scene is possible without mentioning the Mesquite Arena. Home to the biggest stage in town, the arena has hosted the likes of Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, and The Temptations, among many other award-winning acts.

With so many ways to enjoy some live tunes, Mesquite is a must-visit destination for music lovers.


From comedies that’ll have you slapping your knee in laughter to dramas that will draw a tear out of your eye, the Mesquite Arts Theatre sets out to entertain. Showcasing the skills of talented local actors since 1983, the long-running theater group produces a multitude of musicals, comedies, and melodramas throughout the year, which includes seasonal performances like A Christmas Story. Every show is staged at the Mesquite Arts Center, and you can see a schedule of upcoming performances here.

Whether it’s breathtaking murals, stage productions, or performances by a top symphony orchestra or a world-renowned musician, you’ll find it all when you experience Mesquite’s thriving arts scene.
If you want to see some of the beautiful work done by one of Mesquite’s Premier local artists, check out this interview by Tony Delane on