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Catch Some Fish in Mesquite Today

Written by March 5, 2024
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Bring your poles and bait box to Mesquite. Pack up the car for a fun day of fishing and escape the bustling city. As a part of the Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Neighborhood Fishin’ Program, the lake is routinely stocked with catfish and rainbow trout depending on the season. We suggest using the fishing pier as a perfect location for a big catch. For restocking days, please contact the Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department at 972.216.6260.

A bench in front of a lake at sunset.


The 6th Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival will take place this Saturday, February 25-26, 2023 at the Mesquite Convention Center. A great lineup of indoor casting demonstrations and classes are available with industry experts. Plus, you get to taste some of Texas’ best micro-brewed beer. The festival is the perfect family activity this February, with something for everyone! A general admission ticket grants access to a wide variety of free and specialty classes. Children under 16 are free with an adult ticket. If you’re still on the fence, check out this article from Sporting Classics Daily regarding the 2021 event.

The family-friendly Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival offers something for everyone interested in the quiet sport of fly fishing. The curious novice can take casting classes designed with the absolute beginner in mind; the veteran fly angler will discover classes to challenge and delight. Fly fishing specialty manufacturers, lodges, fly tyers, fly fishing authors, guides, kayak manufacturers and outfitters from across the US and beyond will participate. A general admission ticket grants access to a wide variety of free and specialty classes.

Patrons over 21 years old can learn about and sample micro-brewed beer from Texas’ own Tupps, Four Corners, Sweetwater, and Hop & Sting breweries. Bourbon lovers, Treaty Oak Distillery will also join us with samples. Attendees may also purchase quality drinks. There will be classes by top brewmasters with their tips and tricks. Spend the day with some of the best breweries in Texas and meet some of the people responsible for your favorite beers!

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Texas fly fishing texas fly fishing texas fly fishing texas fly fishing texas fly fishing.


While City Lake Park is the most popular urban fishing spot, there are several parks that are popular for fishing, City Lake Park, is filled with trout and catfish. Rainbow trout are usually stocked from November to the beginning of March, while catfish are stocked from April to October. Palos Verdes Lake Park has a wide variety of fish including bluegill and redear sunfish, and bass. Of course, every avid fisher will have their personal favorites, and below we’ve expanded upon three of ours!

1. City Lake Park

There are five lakes and ponds in Mesquite, TX that the Parks and Recreation Department tends to during the year. City Lake Park is one of them!

City Lake Park is great for fishing for Trouts and Catfish

The Rockwall County Herald-Banner explained that the Mesquite City Lake located in the park is regularly stocked with thousands of trout that grow to be big enough to eat. A bonus that the lake is part of the Texas Park & Wildlife’s Neighborhood Fishin’ Program so it’s also routinely stocked with catfish that you can catch off a dedicated fishing pier. August is the only time there are no fish big enough to catch and keep.

Remember, kids 16 and under fish for free, but adults much purchase a license!


Palos Verdes Lake Park recently underwent a significant restoration project that makes it an ideal place for fishing in Mesquite, TX. The new and improved dam ensures better flood control for the lake that is home to hundreds of fish, turtles, mussels, and mollusks.

The surrounding park is just as scenic as the lake. The trees provide plenty of shade along the walkway and you have a few fishing piers to choose from. Enjoy a tranquil day of fishing and get lost in your thoughts in this relaxing park or bring your friends for some conversation.


For the best of lush greenery, play spaces, and fishing in Mesquite, TX, you should visit Valley Creek Park. Not only are there a few lakes stocked with fish that you can choose from, but there is also a beautiful green space, football fields, a software complex, and a playground.

You can fish all day long because when the kids lose focus, they can go play in the surrounding area! You’re likely to catch a catfish or bass while you’re there.


When fishing in one of our beautiful lakes there are a few things to keep in mind. Kids can always fish for free, but anyone over the age of 17 years old will need a fishing license with a freshwater fishing endorsement. Don’t let this stop you from getting out there and catching the big one. Signing up for a fishing license is simple and only takes a few minutes!

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For the youngest anglers, the City hosts its annual Kidfish event on a Saturday in April. Participants ages 3 to 16 years old can compete. Prizes are given to the winners!


Mesquite Parks and Recreation is partnering with Pond Hopper Nation to provide a FREE family fun fishing event! On Saturday, March 25, 2023, head to City Lake Park to have your children learn the basics of fishing from professional anglers.


Need to grab some extra bait, poles, or other fishing gear? Head to Dick’s Sporting Goods at Town East Mall or Academy Sports and Outdoors. To complete your outdoor adventure, be sure to bring your bikes or walking shoes to tackle the trails found in various parks. If you work up an appetite during the day, a few blocks from the lake you can visit Downtown Mesquite for lunch at Dos Panchasor head over to Martinez Restaurant for a sizzling fajita skillet. You can also explore the other restaurants found throughout the city.