Mesquite Championship Rodeo 2024 Season Starts June 1st!


Why choose Mesquite to host your event?

Written by wpdev February 21, 2024
A large room with tables and chairs.

Here are a few reasons:

1. New & improved cleanliness standards to ensure our guests safety and well-being.

2. Book with confidence. New flexible cancellation terms for events.

3. The Mesquite Convention Center and Exhibit Hall offers a variety of flexible space for an event of any size.

4. You and your guests have convenient access to the city from any direction, with plenty of places to stay.

5. Our teams will go to great lengths to learn what matters to your group, then customize and tailor pricing and services to your needs.

We want to learn about your event! Submit an RFP or contact us to arrange a site visit. We are here for you.
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