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Why Mesquite Is the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas

Written by April 29, 2023
A group of cowboys riding horses in a rodeo.

We might be a few hours away from the capital of Texas, but the rodeo capital is right here in Mesquite, Texas! Located just a 15-minute drive from Dallas, our city is filled with amazing restaurants, shops, and local attractions that you can only find here. That’s not all, though. People come from all over the country—and the world!—to see why we are the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas.

With over 50 years of history, it’s no wonder why Mesquite deserves this prestigious title. A combination of history, sports, and spectacle, the rodeos here are something you have to experience to truly understand. Rodeo is known as the state sport of Texas, so Mesquite is honored to be known as the capital.

How Did Mesquite Earn this rodeo Title?

While the history of the rodeo can be traced back to the 1800s, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo started in 1958. The Rodeo Association of America was formed in 1929 and set rules for the sport so that a national champion could be named. It didn’t always have this level of popularity, but it’s now one of the most televised rodeos in the world! For over 60 years, we’ve been perfecting the sporting experience to make it the nationally recognized event it is today.

Fast forward to the present day and Mesquite rodeos are packed with excitement, music, food, and a lot of fun. In 2020 Mesquite was the only town in Texas where the rodeo championship was held, albeit a limited seating capacity. That year’s rodeo was historic, as it was the first ticketed sporting event of the summer. If you’re at all interested in sports, authentic Texas barbeque, history, or unique experiences, a trip to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo is a must.

There are tons of other activities including face painting and pony rides, so visitors of all ages can be entertained at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo! Even if you’ve attended a rodeo before, there’s nothing like ours. Amenities including luxury suites and the fan zone make the Mesquite Rodeo one of, if not the most, cutting-edge in the country.

Why Visit the Rodeo Capital of Texas?

Obviously, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo is a must-see. The Championship Rodeo runs every Saturday from early June to the end of August, so make sure to stop by while it’s here. That being said, Mesquite is still an amazing Texas city to visit all-year round. Just like at the rodeo, there’s something for everyone. From food to shopping, sports to arts & culture, there are a ton of opportunities for fun, relaxation, and great times in Mesquite.

Whether you’re vacationing in Texas or are looking specifically to attend an amazing, one-of-a-kind sporting event in the Official Rodeo Capital of Texas, the city of Mesquite welcomes you. The Mesquite Championship Rodeo is one of the most exciting events the city has to offer, and we hope to see you there. Purchase tickets to the Mesquite Rodeo or sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date about the exciting happenings around Mesquite!