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Discover the essence of Mesquite’s rich history at Opal Lawrence Historical Park and Florence Ranch Homestead, two iconic landmarks overseen by Historic Mesquite, Inc. These Texas Recorded Historical Landmarks offer fascinating insights into the city’s past and the pioneers who shaped its growth.

Opal Lawrence Historical Park holds prestigious designations including National Register of Historic Places, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, and Century Family Farm by the Texas Department of Agriculture. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of early settlers in Mesquite.

Meanwhile, Florence Ranch Homestead, built in 1871, showcases the rustic charm of late 19th-century Texas architecture and pioneer ranching. This historic site predates the township of Mesquite, providing a unique glimpse into the city’s foundational years.

Historic Mesquite, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and education of Mesquite’s history, ensuring that these landmarks and their stories are cherished and shared with future generations. Join us in exploring the captivating history and culture of Mesquite.

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