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Going Golfing: Mesquite Has You Covered for Both Traditional and Disc Golf

Written by wpdev June 4, 2022
A man and a child on a golf course.

Sometimes, “par for the course” doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you want something a little extra. Fortunately, Mesquite, Texas—a beacon of recreation, relaxation, and culture just 15 minutes east of Downtown Dallas—is a hole-in-one kind of destination offering a whole lotta fun for everyone. Especially for, you guessed it, golf (and disc golf) aficionados—that breed of folks whose idea of clubbing isn’t going to bed late, but rather waking up early, heading to the clubhouse, and swing dancing on a fairway all afternoon with a set of irons and woods (or frisbee discs).

The best part? The driving distance between these golf courses isn’t much farther than what you could do with a 1-wood. With Mesquite Golf Course as the central hub for traditional golf, and a whopping three(!) parks with fully operational disc golf courses, here’s why a golf getaway in Mesquite is a par-tee you should follow through with.

Mesquite Golf Club (Traditional)

The Mesquite Municipal Golf Club isn’t just a city-owned and operated golf course. It also isn’t just an award-winning golf course with the honorable badge of “Course of the Year,” according to the Texas Turfgrass Association. In addition to these things, the Mesquite Golf Club is a shining example of “Real. Texas. Golf.”

Situated within the verdant Duck Creek floodplain, the setting is as good as it gets. Elms and oaks line the fairways. The Long Branch stream slithers through the course, splitting it in two—making for a scenic water feature that’s pretty to look at even when you inevitably whack a drive or two right into its brush-lined waters.

One of the best parts of golf as a sport, in general, is its history, tradition, and heritage. And Mesquite Golf Club is far from lacking in any of these departments. Originally opened in the 1960s, the course has been around since the heyday of Arnie Palmer and has undergone an extensive and impressive metamorphosis in the 50-odd-years since. It has upgraded from a nine-hole course to 18-holes, switched hands from private to public, and added yardage, dozens of bunkers and Bermuda greens, and countless amenity improvements like WiFi and an upgraded snack bar.

But, of course, the real reason to visit the Mesquite Golf Club is the playing experience itself. Which is downright dandy (even if a little difficult). Yep, that’s right. All of the renovations in recent years have made for a course that’s as challenging as it is rewarding. With 4-hour rounds and a dynamic mix of course distances and hazards (not to mention a fully operational driving range for warming up and cooling down), it’s hard to have a bad day at Mesquite Golf Club…even on one of those days when you’re more capable of angrily hurling your 5-iron farther than you are to actually hit the ball with it.

Oh, also factoring into the experience are the incredibly reasonable rates, which range from $25 for 18 holes when walking, to $41 for 18 holes when riding, to $11 when walking nine. Discounts are available when staying at Mesquite hotels as well.

In short, if you’re looking for a real Texas golf experience that’s equal parts authentic, historic, fun, challenging, scenic, and convenient, this is the spot!

Disc Golf in Mesquite

For those who prefer golf with more of a sling of the wrists than a swing, Mesquite is an equally great spot for disc golf. What’s disc golf, you ask? It’s basically as it sounds. It takes the best aspects of two of your favorite leisure sports (Frisbee and golf) and mashes them up to create one great leisure sport, where the goal is to throw a flying disc at a target over the course of nine or 18-holes. Just like golf, scoring is judged on the par scale, and you want the lowest possible score; course holes range in distances and feature hazards like trees and water; and there are even different “clubs” you have at your disposal, as some discs have flight ratings better suited for long throws versus short “putt” throws. On average, the length of holes is shorter than golf holes, with the average disc golf hole ranging from about 200-240 feet, whereas a par three golf hole can be up to 290 yards—about three times as long as a disc golf hole even at its shortest.

In Mesquite, the options aren’t limitless in number per se (though three parks with disc golf courses are pretty great), but they certainly offer endless amounts of fun.

Paschall Park

Paschall Park, with its well-maintained 18-hole course, might be the pick of the litter for Mesquite disc golf. For the sheer size as well as the variety and plentitude of holes, Paschall is generally considered the area’s top option. With this size comes ample amenities (like parking, restrooms, and clear signage), as well as a great mix of long-distance holes and shorter birdie and “ace-able” holes. An ace is disc golf’s version of a hole-in-one.

Debusk Park

Debusk Park is a 40-acre green space in the heart of Mesquite that’s home to wooded trails, South Mesquite Creek, and a nine-hole disc golf course that’s been in operation since 2008. The 2,278-foot course is more on the challenging side, though all ability levels are definitely capable of scoring well. The chain targets offer an old-school touch, the tee boxes are large and concrete, and overall the course features a nice mix of open and wooded hills.

Porter Park

Located next to Porter Elementary School, the nine-hole course at Porter Park offers a wonderful little greenspace escape with rolling terrain, mature trees, a duck pond, and a creek. As far as courses go, Porter is a simple, straightforward option that’s great for beginners looking to learn the tools of the toss and for folks looking for a quick round that can be done in less than an hour.