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7 Interesting Facts about Monster Trucks

When the monster trucks roll into Mesquite, you can hear them before you see them. These towering, speeding, and stunting vehicles put on a heart-racing show that’s perfect for the entire family or an adrenaline-packed guy’s weekend.

We’re here to share some interesting facts about monster trucks so you can come to your next show prepared with some expert knowledge!

Fun Facts about Monster Trucks

1. They Are Fast and Agile

How fast can monster trucks go? The answer might surprise you! Though these massive vehicles weigh upward of 12,000 pounds (10,000 is the minimum for competitions), they are incredibly fast and agile. According to Guinness World Records, the fastest speed achieved by a monster truck is 99 miles per hour, which was made just this past year!

2. It’s an Expensive Sport

Monster trucks are not cheap. So, how much does a monster truck cost? By some estimates, it can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000 to build one. The average cost per tire is around $2,600, which is no small cost either.

3. Each Truck is Unique

Of all the monster truck fun facts, this is truly the most entertaining. If you’ve ever been to a monster truck race, you’ve noticed that each truck is decorated completely differently, almost like artwork. You will notice some trucks have huge fan bases because of their design and notoriety.

4. They Really Crush Cars

Monster trucks typically stand at 12ft tall, so they tower over your average car. Green Bay Press Gazette reported that Monster Jam crushes around 3,000 cars every year during shows.

5. Tracks Are Built For Each Event

Monster truck tracks are nearly as impressive as the vehicles that use them. But you probably didn’t know that teams set up the tracks before the event even begins. They assess the terrain, bring in dirt, and create unique setups for the monster trucks to race and perform on.

6. It’s a Fairly New Phenomenon

Monster trucks first hit the scene in the late 1970s, when Bob Chandler modified his pickup truck to be bigger and better with larger tires and axles. This truck soon earned the nickname Bigfoot and became the first official monster truck. Over the next 40 years, more and more monster trucks were created along with special events for them to showcase their power, leading to the shows we see today.

7. They Can Get Good Air

Monster trucks are built for power, so it’s no surprise they can get some good air when navigating a well-built track. They can jump a few dozen feet vertically in the air and some of the longest distance jumps recorded have been upward of 200 feet.

Did you enjoy these monster truck facts? Can’t wait to see the next show? Don’t miss Mesquite Monster Truck Wars next time they’re in town! Visit Mesquite Texas has all the information you need on this event and more coming to the city.

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