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Where is the Most Authentic Mesquite BBQ In Texas?

Texas is known for many things; the rodeo, cowboys, and, of course, mesquite BBQ. If you’re headed to the Lone Star State, you can’t miss trying the finger-licking good eats Texas is known for.

Here’s everything you need to know about Texas BBQ, including its rich history, unique cooking method, and a few of the restaurants that have earned the distinction of having the most authentic BBQ in the city of Mesquite.

The History of Mesquite BBQ

The history of Texas BBQ goes back centuries, and this is especially true for mesquite BBQ. Mesquite trees grow in abundance in the hot and arid climate of the southwestern U.S., and it’s believed that indigenous Americans have used it for both fuel and food for hundreds of years (and the name mesquite actually comes from the Nahuatl world mizquitl).

Next time you see a bottle of your favorite mesquite BBQ sauce in your grocery store, just remember that it has a history that spans far beyond the time of pre-made sauces.

What Makes Mesquite Meats Unique

You may be thinking, “But aren’t all BBQ meats smoked over some kind of wood or charcoal?” And while this is true, mesquite BBQ has a very unique flavor because of the wood used!

Mesquite wood burns quickly and produces a lot of smoke, which gives this kind of Texas BBQ a very distinctive, smoky flavor. It’s important to know that mesquite BBQ also cooks quickly, so you’ll find meats like steaks and ribs being cooked by it the most often.

DIY Mesquite BBQ

Craving some mesquite BBQ right now? TexasMonthly explained that the trick to making this mouthwatering meal is by burning your mesquite wood low and slow, which is more difficult than it sounds. Since mesquite burns hot and fast, you have to keep a watchful eye on your pit to make sure you’re not overcooking or over-smoking your meat.

You can also try your hand at making your own mesquite BBQ sauce. This recipe from Mesquite BBQ for their sauce can give you a perfectly smoky sauce that you can use on burgers, ribs, chicken, and more.

6 of the Most Authentic Mesquite Barbecue Joints in Mesquite

Of course, the easiest way to fill up on this comfort meal is by visiting an authentic mesquite barbecue joint (and where better than Mesquite, TX, The Official Rodeo Capital of Texas). Here are a few of the best spots in Mesquite, TX for authentic, smokey mesquite BBQ:

1. Mesquite BBQ has only one location and has been family-owned & operated for over 60 years. The owners take great pride in their excellent reputation as the best barbecue in Mesquite.

2. Dickey's Barbecue Pit is a true American success story that was born in 1941 and still specialized in authentic, slow-cooked barbecue.

3. Soulman’s is known for their ‘Soul Bowl’ with Soulman’s sausage, pulled pork beans, cheese and corn chips. It quickly became a popular destination and a welcomed departure from “run of the mill” BBQ.

4.Baker’s Ribs is famous for their “St. Louis Cut” pork ribs helping them win Texas Monthly’s Top 50 Barbecue restaurant in Texas award!

5. Spring Creek BBQ has been serving Mesquite for over 35 years! Their hot, fresh rolls and fantastic barbecue have made Spring Creek a staple across the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area.

6. Slab's BBQ is great for the chopped brisket sandwiches and banana pudding, just two of the many local favorites.

Visit Mesquite Texas to know where all the best spots to grab a bite are. Just see our complete list of finger-licking good restaurants in the city for more inspiration!

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