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Commemorate 9/11 at Mesquite Freedom Park

Take some time this month to remember and reflect on the events of 9/11 at Mesquite Freedom Park. Located on the North Lawn of the Mesquite Arts Center, the park was created through a collaborative process between the City of Mesquite, corporate and non-profit sponsors, and community leaders.

This year the City will host the annual 9/11 Memorial virtually. Tune in at sunrise (approx. 7 a.m. CST) for a live video broadcast of the private gathering on the City's Facebook page. The video will also be available on the City’s website and other communication platforms after the event. The sunrise memorial will commemorate "Patriot Day” which is the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Visitors of the park can see tridents symbolic of the steel structures that were part of the original Twin Towers facade. Additionally, the Mesquite Fire Department was entrusted with a historic piece of steel from one of the Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11. The 15-foot long, 575-pound twisted beam is the centerpiece of Mesquite Freedom Park. We invite you to gather, reflect and celebrate freedom in this commemorative outdoor space.
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