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Calling All Trainers: A GO Player's Guide to Mesquite

Pokémon Go (POGO for short) has been out for 5 years now, and the game has changed dramatically since that first summer. Not only have they added over 300 new Pokémon for you to catch, but they’ve added the trademarked trading and battling that the series is known for. While it may not have the immediate public attention that it used to, millions of players are still logging in and catching them all! But did you know that you don’t have to drive all the way to Dallas to find the best Pokéstops and gyms? We have several hot spots right here in Mesquite! From parks and museums to restaurants and shops, this guide will let you know where all the best spots to catch your portable pals are.
A screenshot of a Pokemon Go character and map.

Time to change some colors!

Mesquite POGO Gyms

Gyms have been an integral part of POGO from the very beginning. After choosing your team, (Go Team Valor!) you’re immediately sent out to start claiming territories. But what are the best gyms to occupy? Where are the best gyms to hold control? And what gyms have the most players come through?
 A Pokemon standing in Bear Cave Coffee.

I wonder who their favorite Pokémon is?
  • Bear Cave Coffee - One of the most popular in the city, Bear Cave Coffee is one of the major hubs for trainers to gather, trade, battle, and raid together. They also sometimes offer special discounts to trainers who snap a pic at their store.
  • Town East Mall - This one is not only a great spot to battle but it’s also a great place to get some steps and earn some candy!
  • KidQuest Park - KidQuest or Debusk is a great one for any trainers that also happen to be parents! While your child is playing in the jungle gym, you can take over another team’s gym.
  • Palos Verdes Lake Park - This one is a local favorite. It’s a great place to relax, fish, and even get a light workout with the outdoor gym. They even have ducks and turtles swimming in the lake.

Pokéstops in Mesquite

Pokéstops are the main means of getting resources in the POGO. You can’t catch any Pokémon if you don’t have any Poké Balls right? But where are the best spots to farm? We’ve got you covered. Here are some hot spots with clusters of Pokéstops ready for spinning!

  • Heritage Square Park - This one is one of the most convenient because it’s right next to Bear Cave Coffee! You can sit and take in the atmosphere in the gazebo or walk to local shops like The Book Co. or Mesquite BBQ.
  • Mesquite Arts Center - Mesquite Arts Center is an amazing spot for farming. Not only does it have a few Pokéstops to choose from but they have local events like April Rocks! and Music in the Park to play too. What’s better than catching a rare Pokémon? Catching one while jamming to some amazing local artist!
  • Dallas Eastfield Campus - College campuses are always hot spots for Pokéstops. With a solid variety and walking distance between them, your item bag will be full in no time!
  • City Lake Park - This Pokéstop has the benefit of being placed between 2 gyms (the Mesquite Fire Station and the Mesquite Seventh Day Adventist Church). Expect to see a lot of traffic at this Pokéstop. Especially on Sundays.
  • Mesquite Public Library - The Mesquite Public Library is a great spot if you want to grab some items while grabbing a book. They also have been known to host POGO events in the past as well.

Pokémon Nests In Mesquite

A group of Pokemon and their trainers.

Image owned by Niantic & The POKEMON company.

Last but certainly not least are the nests. More experienced POGO trainers know about these but to the uninitiated, nests are exactly what they sound like: nests of a certain type of Pokémon! For example, a nest of Pikachu will spawn several of them for a set period of time. Meaning that if there’s a certain pokemon you’re looking for and wanting to evolve, nests are going to be your best friend. The only thing is, the game doesn’t tell you about the nests or their locations. The good news is that nests are always in the same spots they just activate at different times. So how do you find these elusive nests? Normally, you would have to go to a 3rd party site to find these but we have the inside scoop! Here are a few spots to check out:

  • Samuell Farm - This nest is especially popular during Mid-April to early May when the bluebonnets are in bloom. Snap a pic of your favorite blue pokemon playing in the field for some truly Instagramable moments.
  • Paschall Park - An appropriate spot for a nest as Paschall park is teeming to the brim with butterflies and other insects. Take in the sounds of nature while you score those candies.
  • Town East Park - This one is perfect for everyone with both real and digital pets! Take your pup out for a stroll or let them run wild in the leash-free zone while you thin out the nest.

Of course, we can’t go into ALL of the various spots around Mesquite but there are other places like Opal Lawrence Park where you can build your team or gather resources. Of course, half the fun in Pokémon GO is GO-ing out and discovering these spots for yourself! While you’re out and about don’t forget to share your selfies with your favorite partners with your favorite places.
 A man standing next to a Charizard.

Come visit Mesquite. We have Charizards!
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